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Fujian Cuisine

We are Fujian Cuisine. We are PUTIEN. 咱是福建菜. 咱从莆田来

Light, comforting, heartwarming food that is Home – this is how Fujian cuisine feels like. Using only the freshest ingredients, Fujian cuisine is known to retain the original flavors of the ingredients without masking them. With the coastal location and mountainous regions of Fujian province, a diverse range of fresh fish, shellfish and mushrooms are used in its cooking. Commonly used techniques include braising, stewing, steaming and boiling.

Putian city, where PUTIEN follows its name from, is a coastal city in Fujian. Its prime location is perfect for the growing and harvesting of the freshest ingredients from the sea. Coupled with experienced chefs and heartfelt service from our staff, PUTIEN welcomes you to the home of Fujian Cuisine.