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Seasonal Ingredients

Fresh Ingredients, Original Taste 掌握好食材 · 原味福建菜

Over the years, the focus on “Fresh Ingredients, Original Taste” has been our food and brand philosophy and promise to guests. Ensuring that our guests relish in the freshest ingredients and savour in our original taste is PUTIEN’s passion since the establishment of our first restaurant.

Apart from applying various cooking techniques in our kitchens to bring out the original taste in Fujian cuisine, PUTIEN also places importance in using quality ingredients to bring out the best flavours. 

PUTIEN brings in seasonal raw ingredients and fruits direct from Putian, Fujian, when it is at its freshest, which is a testament to our food philosophy. Through our seasonal campaigns, guests at PUTIEN will experience a variety of food and fruits from Putian, four seasons a year.

Seasonal Ingredients

November to March


Shucked immediately upon harvest, PUTIEN’s oysters are nutritious as they absorb micro-organisms and nutrients from the sea which also makes our oysters fresh and plump.


Yellow Croaker

From Ningde city located on the eastern coast of Fujian province, the fish is only captured at night to keep its signature golden colour. The colour diminishes once the fish is exposed to ultraviolent rays. To maintain its freshness and colour, the Yellow Croaker is chilled and shipped to various countries in a cold-chain supply under 24 hours from the point of harvest. The fish’s freshness is enhanced further by removing the film

April to July

Duotou Clam

Grown in rich, black mud, the Duotou Clams are from the Duotou Village that is known to have hundreds of years of experience in farming the clams. The farmers would carefully harvest the 6cm wide clams using only their bare hands. No machine is used throughout the process to maintain the size and texture of the plump clams, making it an ingredient that is fresh and tender.

August to October


Fresh from Shunde, China – or the ‘Hometown of Eel’, only eel with the highest fat content are harvested. They are also carefully selected for their size, to ensure that it has the firmest meat for our dishes.

Red Mushroom

A rare mushroom that cannot be farmed, the Red Mushroom is found in the Wuyi Mountains with its signature red cap. It only grows an at altitude of 1000 – 1500m, amidst shrubs which makes it hard to find. Only available two seasons a year, harvesters must carefully plough through the mountain from 3am to carefully search for the rare, nutritious mushroom that is said to be good for people with anaemia.

First Harvest Seaweed

PUTIEN only uses the first harvest batch of seaweed that is only available for 15 days a year. They are carefully harvested by hand and kept under the sun for 48hours, giving it its sweet, crisp and umami taste.

Da Hong Pao

Over Spring, Da Hong Pao tea leaves are only picked for 15 days a year. PUTIEN works closely with a tea garden in Wuyi Mountains, an ideal location with its climate and altitude to grow the fragrant tea leaves. Upon harvest, the tea leaves are manually sifted and shaken for hours. Tea leaves are hand-picked to be roasted for its fragrance, a time consuming process to ensure that only the best tea leaves are used.

Seasonal Fruits

Fresh Ingredient Map