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The Story of Red Mushroom

Mr. Fong's kitchen

How to cook red mushroom Fujian Seafood Lor Mee?

How to cook Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon?

How to cook PUTIEN Crispy Oysters?

Duwei Wendan Pomelo!

Duwei Wendan Pomelo is Back!

Duwei Pomelo is one of the four heavenly fruits in Putian City, Fujian Province. It was selected the Geographical Indication of China in 2010. Duwei Town is located in the upper stream of Mulan stream. Pomelo trees are more than 26 years old, and they are all irrigated by non-polluted running water. Pomelos are grown in a natural environment based on the original ecology, receiving sufficient sunshine, proper care, it produces a rich and fragrant aroma, full of flesh. Juicy and produced less or no seeds.

PUTIEN Eel Festival


The 2020 Putian Ingredient Festival has something new! This year is the second year of the grand launch of “Putian Eel Festival” in the restaurants of Putian Restaurant globally. The selected eel comes from the “Hometown of Eels in China”- Guangdong Shunde. The selected eel species are all “Japanese Eel”.

“Japanese eel” is one of the species of eel, and there are also 19 species including European eel and American eel. The quality of “Japanese eel” is superb, the meat quality is smooth and tender, the fish taste is fresh and sweet, and the price is much higher than other types of eels.

Each glass eel is hatched from the deep sea. Among all farmed fish, only eels have to rely completely on the sea to catch wild glass eel. Until now, eels cannot really be reproduced artificially, so the price of glass eel is high, it can be called “soft gold”. Each of the Japanese eels selected in Putian Restaurant has passed strict quarantine and inspection, so you can eat with peace of mind.